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Sierra United Soccer Club is the most competitive soccer play program offered by TCYS.  Joining the team has requirements and expectations so the team and each player can be successful and win on matchdays!  The following describes what is needed to join and become a Sierra United soccer player.


To register and play for Sierra United SC, a player must first try out for the team by participating in a scheduled tryout session prior to the start of that season.  All prospective players must compete in a tryout to make the cut and become rostered onto the team.  A tryout will consist of demonstrating soccer skills in ball control, kicking and passing accuracy, ball receiving, dribbling, and other essential skills and abilities while being ranked and evaluated by the respective team coaches.  Tryouts are scheduled at least two times per year, one for spring league and one for fall league.  All prospective players who are interested and have the commitment to play at a demanding level are highly encouraged to tryout for the team.  A high level of commitment and dedication is a prerequisite from both the players and the player's families.

Tap below for more information on Sierra United SC Fall League Tryouts scheduled for May 2023!


After the player tries-out and makes the team, registration fees will vary from $200 to $450 per player for the league season.  There is no costs to tryout for the team.  Fees are for team uniforms, referees, league registration, and regional tournaments outside of league play.  To subsidize and lower the overall fees, teams will host fundraisers throughout the season at various locations and offerings.  Fundraising announcements are posted on social media and on SUSC upcoming events webpage.

Playing Season

There are three playing seasons: spring, fall, and winter.

The spring season begins with tryouts in January, several regional tournaments (including futsal) prior to the start of the Spring League play in March, and then league play ends in May

The fall season begins with tryouts in May, practices begin in June, Fall League play starts in August with at least three regional tournaments during the season, several state cup matches, scheduled league matches ends in November, and ending with State Cup Finals in December.

Sierra United SC have been entering teams into winter league playing futsal, or indoor soccer, in January and February.  This league is the build-up and a part of the spring league season.  Some SUSC teams choose and have the option to play in this league. 

The Team Coaches (Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Team Manager, and Team Treasurer) of the individual SUSC teams have the discretion to register its team into regional tournaments and the State Cup, and are responsible for coordinating scheduling efforts with league officials.  Regular season league play is scheduled by Team Coaches with opposing Team Coaches.

General Requirements

Sierra United SC teams are competitive traveling teams.  Teams will typically play in Modesto, Stockton, Merced, Madera, Turlock, Livingston, Los Banos, Angels Camp, or Sonora.  Some teams may travel further such as to San Jose, Fresno, or Sacramento for tournaments.  Some teams may travel even further for Regional, State, National, or International for championships.  It's possible!

Because of the travel commitment, a high level of dedication is needed from the players and families.  A love for the game and a passion to become a better soccer athlete is a must.  Overall, the desire to grow as an individual and with a team of players to become their best is expected.
Play with Character. Play United.

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