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We TCYS understand you may have questions regarding registration, age groups, costs, etcetera, so we've compiled a list below of the most common ones we've received.  If you have more or other questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing us here and we will gladly assist you.

Where do I register my child to play soccer?

Registration is completed through this website in the Fall Recreation League, Bill Meyer League, or Sierra United webpage.  Click on the registration link on that page and it will redirect you to the "Playbook" or "Got Sport" registration portal.  From the registration portal, complete the registration process and then you're done!  You'll be contacted further as the season begins.

When is registration open?

Registration opens in mid-March and closes mid-May for Fall Recreation League.  The Bill Meyer Winter League registration opens late-October/ early-November.

What months does the Fall Recreation League run?

The Fall Recreation League runs from August to October.

  • U4 Tiny Kicks Soccer are (4) 1-hour sessions on each Saturday beginning mid-August

  • U5, U6 runs from mid-August to end of September

  • U8, U10, U12, U14, U18 runs from mid-August to end of October

Are there games/matches on Labor Day weekend?

No, there are no games/matches scheduled for that holiday weekend.

How much does it cost to register my child?

The fee to register in Fall Recreation League depends on the age group of the child:

  • U4 is $40 for each player

  • U5, U6 is $85 for each player

  • U8, U10, U12, U14, and U18 is $100 for each player

Are there refunds?

Yes, a refund is allowed if requested in writing on or before July 31

What age group will my child be in?

The age group is based on the birth year of the child participating.  For 2023 season, they are: 

  • U4 are 2020 birth year

  • U5 are 2019 birth year

  • U6 are 2018 birth year

  • U8 are 2017 and 2016 birth years

  • U10 are 2015 and 2014 birth years

  • U12 are 2013 and 2012 birth years

  • U14 are 2011 and 2010 birth years

  • U16 are 2009 and 2008 birth years

  • U18 are 2007 and 2006 birth years

Are scholarships available for my child to play soccer?

Yes, please contact Athletic Scholarship Foundation of Tuolumne County for more information.

Who is our coach?

Once teams are created and coaches are assigned to teams, the coach will make contact with each player's families to inform the time, date, and location of practices, including the game/match dates and times.  The coach will be the main contact for all player coordination needs.

How do we contact our coach?

Coaches receive their team rosters and player contact information by the end of July. We give them 7-days to contact the player's family.  If you've yet to hear from the team coach by July 31, please contact the Registrar.

Can we request a specific coach?


How do we get placed on a team?

Once registration closes, teams are created based on criteria as selected during the registration process.

Can we change teams once placed?

No.  Once selected for a team, it is very difficult to change or move a player to another team.

When do practices start?

For Fall Rec League soccer, practices typically start the first week of August. For Bill Meyer League, practice starts first week of December.  Your soccer coach will provide you with the time, the days, and the location of practices.  Usually practices are one-hour (up to two-hours for the Bill Meyer League) at two-days per week, and at various schools in the local area.  Location are unable to be selected by players.

Will my kids be able to practice at the same field or time?

There is no guarantee.  We are unable to accommodate for specific practice field locations and/or time of practices.

I'm interested in being a coach, what do I need to do?

TCYS consistently has a need for soccer coaches.  More coaches means more kids can play!  Go to the Coaches Corner webpage to learn more! Thank you for volunteering to coach!

My business/organization wants to sponsor a team, what do I do?

Thank you for your interest in sponsorships.  This support allows for more kids to play soccer.  For more detailed information, please go to the Sponsorships webpage.  Thank you for sponsoring and supporting our local kids to play soccer!

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