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Tuolumne County Youth Soccer (TCYS) provides girls and boys under the age of 18 the opportunity to participate, to learn, to play, and to eventually love the beautiful game of futbol, or soccer.

Current recreational programs are the Fall Recreation League and the Bill Meyer Winter League.  These programs together provide the opportunity to play at the local level and often with schoolmates.  Sierra United Soccer Club is the most competitive program offered and provides the aspiring soccer athlete the opportunity to play in regional, state-wide, national, and international leagues.  Each program is unique and geared towards the progressive development of the player.

Fall Recreation League is open to all girls and boys of all skill levels.  The age groups are U4, U5, U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, and U18.  Some Under (U) age groups may be unavailable based on enrollment and age-groups may also be co-ed or gender specific.  Registration begins mid-March and closes mid-May, practices begin in August, first matches begin late-August on Saturdays, and the final matches are in late-October.

Bill Meyer Winter League is a semi-competitive soccer program and open to all boys and girls who played in the Fall Recreation League program.  Each player will compete in a tryout to make the team.  The spirit of competition in the tryouts as well as the travel to play other teams in the Central Valley all add to the next-level semi-competitive play.  Registration begins in November, first practices in December, first soccer matches in January, and final matches are end of February.  Some age groups may be unavailable.

Sierra United Soccer Club is the premier level and most competitive league play offered by TCYS.  Boys and girls compete at a high level; one that requires the determination to improve and advance their skill.  Players are expected to maintain commitment and discipline to their game.  Most players who have joined the team have further developed their potential as soccer players and as individuals.  Each player must compete in a tryout and some age-groups as well as gender-specific teams may be unavailable.

To learn more about each program or to register, click on a program above.  Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage for responses to commonly asked questions.

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