Tuolumne County Youth Soccer


TCYS will be offering new clinics this season to help you prepare for the recreation season.  . Please check our website – tcysoccer.org or our Facebook Page for more details Mandatory coaches meeting July 26th, 2014 at Tuolumne County Ambulance Building. Coaches who are chosen to coach will be notified by TCYS prior to July 26th.

Returning coaches and parents who had fingerprints checked last year, do not need to be fingerprinted, even if you didn’t coach.

NEW COACHES and parents interested in volunteering MUST be fingerprinted. The dates for fingerprinting are April 26th.

If your fingerprints and/or 1650 form does not return as “passed” or “cleared” you are not eligible to coach or volunteer in any TCYS activities.

2014 Coaching:

  • Be positive at practices and games. You are a role model and teacher, not a critic. Remember, this is a game played by our children, as children...not adults.
  • Limit comments from the sidelines to the redirection of your players.
  • Never argue with the referee. They are in control of the game and have the authority to remove coaches or players from the game. Our referees are a vital part of our league and have invested many hours of training and testing to achieve their certification. Please show them the consideration they deserve.
  • You are responsible for the actions of your team parents during games. Please explain to them that you or your team may be disciplined for their actions.